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About us

Providing central security alarm monitoring services across Canada since 1983

Proudly Canadian and totally dedicated to our independent alarm dealers 

Lanvac® is 100% Canadian owned, and is Canada’s leader in third-party wholesale contract monitoring. Our only customers are qualified alarm dealers and their customers.

Our roots go back over 30 years, during which we
have developed a reputation as a company that is fully dedicated to providing quality monitoring services for alarm dealers and their customers. We do not compete with our dealers in any way, and take pride in the fact that we own no accounts of our own.

We believe we are the only nationwide Canadian monitoring company that can make that claim.

At present we operate 6 inter-connected monitoring stations that are configured to permit continuous “local” monitoring services, 24-hour per day, 365 days per year, backed up by the other stations within our private network. Every Lanvac® station meets the exacting demands of the Lanvac®Standard which meets or exceeds the requirements of all regulatory agencies.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of being a Lanvac® dealer 1-866-526-8226